JL. Raya Legok No.88, Kelapa Dua

Serpong | Tangerang 15810


Telp. +62 21 5422 0740
Fax.  +62 21 5422 0741

LEMO Hotels and Resorts, under the management of LEMO Hospitality. LEMO Hospitality Management has a capability and proven track record which is demonstrated in the success and profitability of our hotels. LEMO Hospitality Management, manage successful LEMO HOTELS AND RESORTS - LEMO CULINARY in Serpong, Tangerang - Banten, Nusa Dua, Bali, Bintaro, Tangerang.

LEMO Hospitality Management provides comprehensive management services, incorporating:

Management Systems and Controls

  • project management
  • full reporting structure
  • group purchasing
  • recruitment / training / development
  • SOP
  • Standards and controls


Sales and Marketing

  • excellent knowledge of the Irish and emerging trends
  • centralized electronic marketing division
  • motivated team of sales professionals
  • in-house Sales Academy initiative to develop effective sales personnel



  • unique associations with powerful brands
  • brand selection
  • negotiation and management of brand agreements


The focus of LEMO Hospitality is to utilise the skills that we have within our organisation to ensure that all our managed hotels are run as efficiently and as profitably as possible. Our core team has built up invaluable experience in National and International hotels over the last 15 years which enables it to take on, understand and develop new projects profitably. Our team of hand picked industry professionals have a proven results orientated skill set encompassing e-commerce, revenue, sales & marketing, HR, systems and controls, operations and finance.

Inspired by the past - Designed for the present - Built for the future.